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Next Kernel Inc.


Audio & Video

Guests want to watch their favorite sports teams in the bar, and listen to smooth jazz in the main dining room.

They want high definition TV’s and big screens for the best picture possible.


They expect both satellite and digital cable so they can watch elephant races in Nepal, Chinese basketball, and all the NFL playoff games at the same time.


So you can be sure you’re delivering an exhilarating entertainment experience that keep your guests eating and drinking with delight.



Your clientele wants to be informed and entertained wherever they go.  And eating out in a casual or fine dining restaurant is no exception. 


Our audio visual professionals will design and build a custom A/V solution for your restaurant that caters to your diners.


Whether you want personal LCD television displays at every booth or a satellite TV installation in the bar, our solutions are a key ingredient that will keep your customers coming back for more. 


Our LCD/Satellite TV installation packages include a paging system with an optional outdoor paging system (PA) and streaming digital music.